Way to find out what email address in our company that an external email is getting delievered to

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Need to check an external email that is sending email to our company to see where in our company it is getting delivered to.
Is there one of the exch tools I can use to figure this out?
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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems

You should be able to use message tracking to find the recipient.  How you do that depends on which version of Exchange you're running and you don't say.


Oh sorry exch 2016
Daryl GawnSenior Infrastructure Engineer

does the address resolve if you type it into your own outlook ?
Director, Information Systems
Here are instructions on how to track messages in Exchange 2016.

This is info on the Get-MessageTrackingLog command.

...and one more example to round it out.
Murat ElmasGeneral Manager, Strategic Planning Director - Computer Engineer, MBA


Please search and download "Exchange Reports version 0.91" that coded by Gökhan Ozdamar and Serkan Varoglu.

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