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trying to use old website name but needed redirecting to new website

got a website - currently “A” record pointing to

and I recently got a new website developed like and it’s sitting in

now if I go into my domain console and change the “A” to point to
and if I browse will it point to automatically ?? am I doing it right ?

I just want to everyone to still use same old address but point to my new website
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Better off leaving the record as is and just putting a forwarder in place. That’s done on the website hosting company  literally takes less than a minute to do.
May have spoken to soon. You said you still want to “use the old site” but point to the new site. I was confused at first. You may then just add a link to the New website on the old site. That way you can access the old site and have a link to the new site. When your ready then put the forwarder in place so that when you go to the old site it automatically goes to the new site.
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hi my old website is down.  it doesnt work anymore.
 that’s why got new website

but clients outside knew my old website name. I cannot update new website name to everyone.

so when they type in the old website, it should automatically open new website .hope   I am more clear now ??

that’s why I just updated the “a” record in my old website dns console to point to new website hosting  IP address . am I correct ??
When you state the website is down, does that mean that the hosting site is gone bankrupt?

You can actually have a forwarder in place and not have a website. Again this is done on the hosting site.
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website is down in the sense- my hosting company got some issues on their server
so I got a new website from a new hosting company with a different domain  name

so I don’t need to use my old hosting anymore. going to close the account.

but my original domain name is registered somewhere. I cannot close it as my emails are linked to it. so I need to keep the old domain name for emails and new domain name for website

so I just changed the “a” record from old domain dns console to point to new hosting ip. is it gonna work ?
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