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Frank Freese
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I am not having any success in Word 2016 and page numbering. In my document there are 14 pages. I would like to start on page three to begin my numbering starting with 1. On the second page of my document I have a page break. In previous Word versions I recall that there was a section break that allowed me to set page numbering.
So, how do I get my document to begin page 1 on the 3rd page of my document?
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Hmm, if you attach your doc, we can assist
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Word 2016 hid the Insert Section Break feature, which you need to start page number on the third sheet. I customized my QAT to add Insert Page  Section Break. Note the wider spacing between the words "Page" and "Section." If you don't want to do that, you may also access the feature by typing "Section Break" in the Search field in the blue title bar at the top of the window.

Regardless how you access the feature, you need to insert a New Page Section Break at the end of the second page.

Presumably, you will be wanting to put the page numbers in either the header or footer. If so, make sure that you don't link the Section 2 header or footer to the previous one. So use the Insert...Footer menu item, and clear the selection for Link to Previous while you are still on the Header & Footer ribbon.

Having done that, you may now use the Insert...Page Number feature to add page numbers to your document. It will default to page 3, but if you rightclick the newly added page number and choose Format Page Number from the popup, you may specify the starting number.
Page number format dialog
Byundt is right about using sections & the Page Number Format dialog. However, the Breaks menu is accessible from the Layout ribbon in the Page Setup group. You can use the pull-down to choose which type of section break you want to install. Selecting Section Breaks in the Layout ribbon


Thanks folks,
I guess I just had another senior moment. Wish I could split the points 50/50 like we use to. Both comments are very, very, very helpful and I appreciate all.

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