In Google Sheets, can you add a blank checkbox to a row automatically when data from a form submission is entered on that row?

Samuel Yandow
Samuel Yandow used Ask the Experts™
I have a Google form attached to a google sheet. The form has 4 questions, so the connected sheet has 5 columns (A-E) including the timestamp of the form submission. I'm trying to have a checkbox added in column F if data from the form is in the corresponding row. Is this possible?
The checkbox needs to be empty until a user manually checks the box, which will indicate that the data in the row has been acknowledged.
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When a connected form posts responses to a sheet, it inserts a row rather than filling in the next empty row. By having the existing sheet's rows formatted to include a checkbox in column F and deleting all empty rows, the new inserted row from the form responses copies the existing formatting. I don't know the technical terms for what is happening or why, but it's working.

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