What are the best products for SMTP relay/Secure Email Gateway ?

Mahesh babu
Mahesh babu used Ask the Experts™
I am looking for best options for SMTP relay/Secure Email Gateway to be implemented in our environment.

We already are using O365 and we have IBM domino with Postfix as MTA and I am looking to replace both with a product that will server an SMTp email relay with security features as in junk filtering, user validation etc...

Let me know who are the best players in market.
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Are you looking for bulk email / promotional emails / transactional email solutions?


looking for just relaying emails from application/s to internet, kind of alerts / automatic responses etc? (limited numbers)

3rd party smart host services can be used in both scenarios but preferably for 1st scenario.

There are multiple players, to name few

I am using sendgrid since year

The available SMTP relay service should provide the qualities listed below:

Authenticated Connection
Greater spam control
TLS Support
Clean IP and domain reputation
Sender Domain authentication ability
DKIM authentication
SPF authentication
Message tracking
Maximum uptime
Bulk messaging facility
Wide range of SMTP protocol support (25, 587, 465, 443, 2525 etc)

Rajkumar DuraisamyIT Service Manager
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Not sure why you are trying to move away from EOP.. Earlier we were using a Industry leading email security solution and we did a extensive comparison by keeping the mail flow in both eop and the other solution. EOP appears to be best and we are using it now with ATP add-on.

For your requirement.. you can use Cisco Email Security - which will meet your requirements that you mentioned.

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