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Dear Experts

I am looking for the best practice network design to connect 03 offices which is 3 different locations with secured links with redundant links. Below explained
Data center where business applications are hosted in the location 1 here the business applications which are web-based applications, windows AD for authentication, file server, email server are maintained, cisco 1010 FTD and Cisco FMC is in place and two ISP’s.
Location 2 which is far of distance is going to be connected to location 1 data center with MPLS VPN link and for redundancy broad band link planning for SD WAN solution. Finalized and implementation is in progress.
Now that all the employees who were so far working in location 1 that is at data center location to be shifted to the location 3 which is of little distance from location 1.  However, we are not shifting data center and our employess are of 20 users who is going to work from location 3 and they have to login for authentication to location 1 where the windows AD and file server for their document store and business application they use CRM.
1.      Please suggest the best network design to connect location 3 to location 1, should I have to plan for MPLS VPN as one link and secondary link as leased line and use SD WAN solution here or any other best practice please.
2.      How much bandwidth would be needed between location 3 to location 1 for web-based and store documents in the folder
3.  as we have 20 users is it required to setup backup domain controller or RODC for local authentication and is it recommend to keep the file server locally as documents storing will be local,
Please help with above 1, 2 and 3 , thanks in advance.
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expert please help on this.
So I am going to just touch on your three questions, as you are asking a lot of deeper discussion questions and some deeper knowledge of the network may be required.

1.  You can go with just an SDWAN solution, Meraki, Viptela, Velocloud.  They will all work, and you can just use two internet connections.  I woudl prefer one fiber and the other could be a cheaper DSL or Cable modem.  MPLS will increase cost and may not be needed dependign on the traffic.  Ideally from different carriers to avoid problems in the carrier network taking down both links.

2.  Bandwidth is something you will have to maybe try an analyze.  We have remote sites with 20 people, and they use a T1.  But this was RDP sessions and VoIP.  But it ran fine.  Depends on the budget, but here I can get 100mbps fiber at a reasonable rate, so we do.

3.  This is the tough question, if the internet service is questionable, yes.  Backup RODC and file server would be good.  But the dual network should reduce this.  So that becomes a cost factor.


Thanks for the inputs, in this case SDWAN solution to be implemented between the two  branch offices  connecting to data center (HO) and also High availability one wired and other DSL is this correct please suggest

2. if we have SDWAN that is at branch office should we still have place  Backp RODC and file server Or it is not required
Please suggest .
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Yes, I would suggest one DSL and one fiber internet, with SDWAN.

2.  As long as service has been historically reliable, I don't see a reason for local servers.  But that said it also depends on the company's tolerance for downtime.


Thanks for the inputs, Today we decided we will not have location 3 hence following is our network
1. At location "B" we have MPLS and DSL for backup  
2.  Location "B" site office to Location "A"  (data center) MPLS is connection and also  Location "A" two leased line circuit.

primary connection between location B to location A is MPLS and with SDWAN solution HA is achieved,  hope this is okay please suggest. also can you recommend which SDWAN would be good to go. Thanks in advance.
That should work fine.  Your carrier may offer SDWAN service, so you may want to check.  If not you could reach out to Meraki, Viptela, or Velocloud.  Many more vendors exist as well

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