is it possible to locate online a projector which can send an image stored on a USB flash drive to a wall?

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Hello and Good Morning Everyone,

          I am wondering if there are projectors which can project an image from a USB flash drive.  In concept, it would be similar to taking an image on a transparency but instead taking it from the USB flash drive and projecting it onto the wall.  The projector would also need to have controls for shrinking and enhancing the images and well as controls for clarity of the image.   Additionally, it would be nice to have a internal rechargeable battery which will hold at least 2 hours or more of charge.  

          If what I have just described is available on the market, could someone provide a online purchase link?  If it is not too expensive, I would like to purchase one.  I have an art and painting project which can be made much easier and with greater precision if I have a digital style projector.

           Thanks in advance for any feedback given to this question.

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Nicolas LecanuAnalyst developer
Hi Gmartin,

I found this projector here

  • LIGHTWEIGHT AS PHONES - Pocket size mini projector (3.86x3.86x0.85 inches) and lightweight (0.44 lbs). Easy to take and operate. The mini projector is the best present and ideal for home cinema, parties or camping entertainment with families and friends under a relatively dark environment. Not for business presentation.
  • BUILT-IN BATTERY AND LONG LAMPLIFE - The mini projector gets you through an entire 1.5-2.5 hours movie on one charge. Flexible to use anywhere without the need for electricity. Long Lens lifetime up to 45000 hours. If you use it for 3 hours per day, that's 40 years.
  • EXTENSIVE CONNECTIVITY - This mini projector can widely connect to your laptop, TV Box, DVD, tablet, camera, PS3/4, smartphone and so on via HDMI port to enjoy a variety of entertaining resources from as many devices as you like, projected screen size of up to 100 inches. Turn your living room into a home theater for family and friends.
  • BIG SCREEN HD MOVIE - Advanced DLP technology provides 70 percent brighter image and 50 percent sharper image, supported full HD 1080P video sourses with 1000:1 contrast ratio and 854 x 480 native resolution. Within the distance between 1-4m, It can achieve 30-100" big display screen size.
  • OTHER EXCELLENT FEATURES - Super low noise. Comes with a tripod with fully functional 360 degree rotation and firm stand. APEMAN projector covers 1-year assurance. If you have any problem, please contact us to get timely assistance.

ste5anSenior Developer

Well, the above projector has
Brightness of projection: 50 Lumens
This requires normally a dark room..

Depending on the project type, I would consider borrowing it. Otherwise I guess, you will need to spend at least some tons on it.
Speed54Sales Representative

Any projector operating off batteries is not going to be able (as much as the manufacturer or advertiser thinks) give out a very bright image. For a good image that is able to be seen in a properly darkened room I'd recommend  a minimum rating of 1500 lumens. If the room you're in can't be darkened well, the minimum would be 2800 lumens. A battery operated projector might be able to put out this brightness, but only for a few moments, and considering you're talking about plugging a USB stick into it (which will have to have 5V supplied to it continually through the USB port to make it run) there may not be enough power in the battery to run the projectors electronics let alone light the lamp.
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Nicolas LecanuAnalyst developer
If you want more lumens I found a other here.
Here is one for under $83 and right below you see 3 more new from $79.99 and free shipping.

A versatile projection on audio or movie and a setup where it can be done at school, room or office conference. And also, a short throw for eReader slide like a project text files and just read data along presentation.

ADJUSTABLE PROJECTION SIZE: It supports adjustable projection screen size from 50 to 120 inches with remote control than your mobile. It can be mounted overhead at front and rear desk or front and rear on ceiling. Enjoy wireless entertainment.

HD 1080P IMAGE SUPPORT: Ideal for home theater movies and video game photo present. This video projector has 1080 Lumens LED light source and brightness to 1800 lumen which brings fantastic 3d lcd home cinema experience.

PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: It is designed to be portable to and from your home and outdoor living area. Also, it is perfect for exclusive and amazing private movies in your backyard or in a small or large group event. Easy to take it everywhere.

BUILT-IN STEREO SPEAKERS: Features built-in stereo speakers, AV, VGA, USB, mini SD and HDMI interface that easily connect to the projector with your Mac, computer or laptop to enjoy the visual excitement anytime. It also comes with manual lens focus.


Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

           Thank you so very much for your recommended links in addition to the guidelines of what to look for when purchasing a digital projector for indoor and outdoor theatre entertainment.  Personally, I found the information given to be very helpful in knowing what to look for before making a purchasing commitment.  That said, I have decided to go along with the projector mentioned within Nick's link because it seems to meet the minimal requirements for good quality audio/picture output in addition to being at an affordable price for my budget.  

            Thanks again everyone for your replies.  As always, everyone's feedback is always deeply appreciated.

Thanks for the interesting question and glad you did find a projector for your needs.

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