Adobe acrobat install not accepting the serial #

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Hello, I have a mac user that I am trying to install adobe acrobat 2017 and xi I am using the serial # that came with the software and acrobat and it stats this is not a valid serial number so I contact adobe and not having access to the system at the time of contacting them they sent me a new serial number, so I tried that with the same results. The company has an old copy of adobe acrobat xi so I installed in on my mac and got to the serial input part of the installation and it accepted the serial number but I canceled the install, now today I am just getting back to the user to install the acrobat xi with that working serial that I tested and I am getting the same error, my question is could it be something on the system that preventing this serial activation?
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Uninstall, then run Adobe's clean-up tool

Reinstall and then try your Serial again.


the clean up tool doesn't find anything but reader
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normally - it can be bad keyboard, or keys
or shift lock on/off problem

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