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Jason Cruse
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2 Fresh install windows 10 with Quickbooks.. the main computer that holds the quickbooks data files works fine with another computer.

The problem computer will sometimes allow the network share folder to open and most of the time not. Sometimes when I ping from it to the other and vice versa I will get a variety of loss then it will all be good and the share will open after pinging at 100% files show up but error when trying to open quickbooks file.

I have checked driver updates and ordered a new wifi adapter but still persists

what could be the problem?
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Hello Jason,
You are inside windows 10.

Please check the windows firewall and disabled them on both and see if the problem persists.
If you can discard wifi device, I'd recommend using cable :) wifi is not so confident, especially if you're going from one wifi connected device to another.

Try to use a ping -t
Check the wifi signal strength if it's strong on both or not.

Something must be happening with the wifi, probably the relative location of the 3 elements makes 1 very good connection and the other one not so much.

That's some things I can think of. but If they need to communicate with each other I'd use a cable

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