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How can I either get to a point where I can use my VS 2015 license key or get the software to uninstall?

I transferred by drive to a new computer using PC Mover.
EVERYTHING move over great except for Office 2016 which I uninstalled on the new computer and then reinstalled using the license key.

The problem that I came across today is the my Visual Studio 2015 (which I have an original license for) shows as 'expired promotional...' I've tried to do the same thing with VS with varying results that include a pop-up form that says working on it and the like which just hangs and I have to close through task manager. I've even let the form sit overnight and most of the way through a day which was about 34 hours. The form does not show any activity through task manager.

1. I went to apps and tried to uninstall however the only option I have is modify. The behaviors are the same as above.
2. The uninstall option through the menu repeats the behavior as above.
3. I can see due to the file size that VS 2015 is still installed
4. I would like to use the software.
5. I installed a trial copy of Visual Studio 2019 which I don't particularly want to spend the better part of the thousand dollars for however it did work just fine.

How can I either get to a point where I can use my VS 2015 license key or get the software to uninstall?
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8/22/2022 - Mon
David Johnson, CD

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Have you tried reinstalling VS 2015?
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