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Help with my wireless adapter usb

Hello EE,

Please see attach some information about my computer for a quick idea.
What I am experiencing since a while is a "randomly" lost of my wireless adapter, sometimes my wireless keyboard stops working (battery is brand new..I have to unplug the little usb plug, replug and it starts to work again.

The wireless Adapter stops like I said, but in Network setting it's written something like : "you are not connected to internet but you can still see local network"
if I trouble shoot it says somehing like:  "windows can't communicate with the device or resource (primary dns server)"

My drivers seems to be updated.... (or thats why im thinking..!? maybe not?)

My question is : I suspect my USB ports to have a it possible there is a "lack of power" ? is it possible the computer kind of randomwly disable a port for x reason and re-enable ?

This is the feeling i have when im on the computer.

Any ideas before I throw the box out of the kitchen window?
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Did you recently install Windows Updates? Check your wireless adapter driver version and when was it installed. It could be also that the adapter is overheating.
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all my windows updates are done. and I did install driver for Adapter....
it does not seem to overheat no
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Are you saying it may be the motherboard defective ?
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It could be, could also be only that connector. Only more testing will tell you (test it on other ports).
USB ports don’t go bad so easily. What is the name and model of this adapter?
did you check it's power settings?