How to create a double-click-able document that takes you to a URL

Dwight Baer
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I need to know how to turn a URL (link) into a document that I can put on Google Drive in a shared folder.  I'd like people to be able to double-click on this document and it sends them to the destination URL.

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copy the URL
right-click on desktop
select New
select Shortcut
paste URL
select Next
type URL name
click Finish
move shortcut to Google Drive shared folder

otherwise, you will have to put the URL in a document & have the user open the document THEN click the URL
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Hmmm... Thanks.  It works as a shortcut on my desktop (it created a .url file).  But it doesn't work in the Google Drive shared folder.  Attached please see the error message.
no attached error message!

try putting it in a RTF file - open the file & click on the link
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Thanks a lot, Paul Sauve!  That's what I did in the end - I put the URL inside of a Google Docs document.  Users can open the document and click on the URL.  I still think there must be a way to have a double-click-able file inside a Google Drive folder that takes you to a URL, but for now this works.
well - thanks for the points ;-)

i found out that you can embed a link in an image

for example, you can create a text image with a short title for your url using an image editor, like Paint.NET (

here is the link on how to embed a url in an image:
How to get a direct image URL in OneDrive

Getting the direct link from OneDrive is much quicker, does not require using any developer tools or URL hocus-pocus.

just scroll down the page a bit
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Now I am intrigued.  I'd really like this to work.  

I'm getting a different result.  Please see attached for screen snaps.
yes indeed - i get the same result as you - no Embed option
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I think this is already closed.  I'm happy with the "put the URL in a Google Docs document" solution.  Thanks again.

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