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I have been putting up with this problem for over a year, and it keeps occurring more frequently. I am using Windows 10.
Sometimes, one of these would work:
1. Unplug the printer, wait 20 seconds, then plug it back in.
2. Rebooting the router.
3. Rebooting the computer.
4. Tried to setup a static IP for the printer. Not sure I did that right.
The last week nothing is resolving the problem.
Error message below.

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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

Is the printer located so far away from the computer that using the USB port is not possible?  I've used USB with extender cables reasonably reliably out to about 30 feet.
Which version of Windows are you using? Windows 10 version 1803 has been plagued with printer issues. I've had funny issues for a while but they seem to have gone away with the latest upgrade to V18362.

If you have that version, try updating Windows to the latest, or downgrade to an earlier version.


The print is only 5 feet from the computer.

Where do I find the Windows 10 version number?
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Principal Software Engineer
If the printer is that close to the computer then I'd use USB rather than try to make progressively unreliable networking work.  If other computers on the network need to use the printer, then the host computer can share it.  Network printing can be iffy to get right and if WiFi is being used it's just as well to have a wired connection instead so that (a) nobody can get into it via your WiFi network, and (b) you're not fighting all your neighbors' WiFi networks for access to those few WiFi channels.


I have Windows 10 version 1903


Just ordered a 16-foot USB cable.
Top Expert 2013

if connected on Lan, the most suggestions say to try a static IP adress :
Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology Professional

What Dr. Khlan said just reminded me of something... If you aren't using Wifi and the printer has it, make sure it's turned off. At least on my printer, you can either use wifi or direct connection, not both. So if for some reason it's trying to connect to wifi, it may be interrupting the wired connection.

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