Need a password manager for Windows 7 network

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I have a client who has 6 computers all running Windows 7 Pro in a peer to peer network (no server).  Firefox is the browser on all the computers.  The users have a habit of clicking on the "remember me" box because they do not want to type in the password to websites which require a log in.

I am not an expert on password managers. 


What password manager would you choose for inexperienced computer users and why?

Thank you for your help.
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LastPass is great. Users just need 1 strong master password.

When you create a new login and password on a website, LastPass can make the password or you can type your own. Then it
asks you to add it to LastPass. So, next time you login that site, LastPass can fill it in for you. You can configure LastPass to fill it fully automatically or, you can pick it from LastPass. It's easy to use.

There's a free and paid version
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Keepass is also well known  :
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Password Safe is also popular and very safe. You can even define a key sequence to get entered on websites for populating login information.
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The users have a habit of clicking on the "remember me" box because they do not want to type in the password to websites which require a log in.
This is not a security issue per se.

The reason for using password managers (I also like KeePass) is: your user can use it to generate real random passwords of high complexity and entropy. This will give more secure passwords. And they can use easily different passwords for different sites.
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Not sure what you are looking for specifically. whether you want to maintain the ability of users to save their passwords while restricting which user has access to whose information.
One option is to manually manage mulitple accounts on each system.

Look at a linux system samba 4 with AD DC
this way you do not need to have a windows server, but have a centrally managed environment.
Thou when things are "free" this means your time is the "free" part that has to be dedicated to implement.

Another option on firefox you can use user profiles, and require each user to use their own. not sure you could secure.

major issue you are facing as of this date is that windows 7 loses support after jan 2020.
End of support does not mean that system will stop working, but if you use application from certain vendors, they will stop supporting windows 7 as a platform for their application.
I.e. any issue you run into with the applciation, they will help. The same issue you run into after jan 2020, they will commonly tell you that windows 7 is no longer supported and implicitly suggest that that is the possible cause.

best to take this time and plan out what ......


Thank you all for your prompt answers.
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i.e. if you eject the removable volume and reconnect it, does it do what you need?

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