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In my QT app I have a global class to show error messages.  This is working well in common functions.

int32 MdiChildHex::startHex(QString strBurnDrive)
    int32 ret = ::SetBurnDevice(;
    if(showDiskbutlerMessage(ret, this)==false) {
        thisSuccessfullCreated = false;

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But if the function will hold a "const" in it, the function is not recognized-

int32 MdiChildHex::ReadSector(int32 sectorIndex) const
    char *buf = new char[2352];
    QByteArray mdata;

    int32 ret = ::ReadSectors(BS_CURRENT_DEVICE, sectorIndex, 1, BS_IMG_ISO, buf, bufferSize);
    showDiskbutlerMessage(ret, this);

    QByteArray byteArray = QByteArray::fromRawData(buf, bufferSize);


    hexView->setData(new QHexView::DataStorageArray(byteArray));

    return ret;

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The message I see in QTCreator is:
mdichild_hex.cpp:116:5: error: no matching function for call to 'showDiskbutlerMessage'
messanger.h:7:6: note: candidate function not viable: no known conversion from 'const MdiChildHex *' to 'QWidget *' for 2nd argument


#include <QtWidgets>
#include "FoxSDKExport.h"

bool showDiskbutlerMessage(int32 nError, QWidget* parent);

#endif // MESSANGER_H

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#include "messanger.h"
#include "utils_common.h"
#include <QMessageBox>

bool showDiskbutlerMessage(int32 nError, QWidget* parent){

    if (nError != BS_SDK_ERROR_NO){

        TCHAR chError[2048];
        int32 nLength = 2048;

        ::GetText(nError,chError, &nLength);

        QString errDesc;
#if defined (WIN32)
        errDesc= QString::fromUtf16(chError);
        errDesc= QString::fromUtf8(chError);

        QMessageBox::information(getMainWindow(),  QWidget::tr("Diskbutler Error"),
        return false;

    return true;

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What is the secret here with const?
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Generally, the const function must ensure that its code cannot change the member variables. This way also all called functions in the body must have interface that proves that they cannot change them. This means that you have to add const also to them.

(Monday morning, being too dumb for more detailed answer. :)
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non-member functions cannot be declared as const. the simple reason is that global functions don't have private or protected member variables where they have access to. by declaring a member function as const, you would state that the function doesn't change member data (of the class object) and doesn't use non-const member functions (which might change object data). for global functions all this could not apply.


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