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I get errors Qt5WinExtras.dll and CRClient.dll.   The code execution cannot proceed because … was not found reinstall might fix.  I have look up and many sites offer to these files to download but I am afraid that it might be virus.  I have been researching but fell I am doomed.  I don't know what caused these errors.  I don't know if it is related to my Sage50 accounting program but I could not open and tried to uninstall and it would not. This computer is one month old.
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I would be VERY cautious about downloading the files from unknown sites.

I would start by trying to identify the program that uses these files.  If you'll run Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del, Task Manager), Startup, then you can disable startup items.  Disable all (note if any were already disabled), reboot, and then see if the error returns.  If it does not, put the items in one-by-one, reboot, and test.  You'll be able to see which program is the issue.

If that doesn't do it, repeat the same with Services.  Windows key-R, msconfig, Services, Hide all Microsoft services, Disable all.  That will disable all of the non-Microsoft services that start with Windows.  As with above, if the error goes away, start putting services back into startup, reboot, and see if the problem returns.

Once you identify which is the problem, then you can repair it, likely by reinstalling the program.


Ok I'll try that and let you know how it worked.
I did the start up and determined it was not in the startup and then did the services and still had issues that did not resolve.  I contacted Microsoft and after 2 1/2 hours got it up and running.  Thank you for your help.
Do you know what Microsoft did to resolve it?  That's helpful to know for future troubleshooting here.

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