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Let me start out by saying that SCCM 2012 R2 is not one of my strong areas. I know in SCCM you can create a package for a EXE but within the pack can you do the following

1) Uninstall a certain program  suppress reboot
2) If program A with a certain version if precent, install program 123,  if not install program abc

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Yes it can. The feature you describe is part of an "Application" package (not a package package) - that's MS terms for you.
Application deployments add a feature they called Supercedence which lets you uninstall existing software.

e.g. uninstall iTunes 10, install VLC

Another extra: the software does NOT have to be installed by SCCM - it could be installed manually. As long as you can uninstall it manually you can add the command into SCCM as an uninstaller deployment it will detect the app and then trigger supercedence.

Note: suppressing the reboot is down to you providing the correct command line, e.g: msiexec /x {GUID} /norestart

You can't set a specific order in SCCM when running packages.

Either you script your requirement in a single package (i.e. a batch or PowerShell script)  or you have to use a task sequence.

In a task sequence  you could use a query for a specific software via WMI:

Execute step only when WMI query is true
Select * from Win32_Product where Name Like "Adobe Acrobat%" and Version like "17.0%"

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