Do I need to install xterm in my linux laptop?

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I have Linux laptop.  It is running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (64-bit)

I'll be creating Yocto Project or custom Linux distribution on my Linux laptop.  These embedded Linux distributions will be loaded on embedded target board.
Do I need xterm for creating Yocto Project?
My understanding is that 'xterm' emulates video terminal.  Since my Linux laptop already has a display, there is no need for 'xterm' program?

What might be the 'Window System' in my Linux laptop?  If it's not 'X Window System' then xterm won't apply?

Does 'xterm' program only apply when accessing Linux server from windows ssh?
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Xterm is a text based application, terminal window and is usually installed with a GUI package.
A user connecting via ssh gets a terminal window through ssh.
Since you are familiar with windoes, xterm is the Windows cmd.exe
Duncan RoeSoftware Developer
What might be the 'Window System' in my Linux laptop?
You are correct, it would be X.
Without X, you have 6 Virtual Terminals (or consoles). Nowadays these consoles can have a variety of font sizes, thanks to the video drivers inside Linux, but they have no graphics. That setup might well be suitable for you embedded system, but for your laptop? You will surely want graphics when developing your system. So, you will want xterm.
nociSoftware Engineer
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xterm is a (one of several available)  gui application to run  tui application is a usable fashion.
For GUI applications the stdin, stderr, stdout are connected to pipes (connected to widows manager) or logfiles.
All IO is done using the GUI toolkit (X, Wayland, ..?)

In non-gui setups of linux there are (by default) 6 "virtual" consoles available on the video adapter.
When there is no VGA (or other similar graphical adapter availabel)  then mostly  a serial connection available as "the Console"  (singlar).

Many systems allow for f.e. ssh to access the box, or some kind of web service.
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David FavorFractional CTO
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If you see any windowed type display on your Laptop, chances are you already have some X11 system running with xterm available somewhere on the disk.

Better said, you will require either ssh (likely) or telnet/rsh (unlikely) to access your embedded system.

xterm or whatever your "windowing system" calls the xterm equivalent, is as mentioned above, simply a wrapper for bash.

Once you run xterm/whatever to have a shell, then you ssh/rsh/telnet out to your embedded system.
David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

You asked, "What might be the 'Window System' in my Linux laptop?"

Only you will know this answer, if you installed your Laptop.

You can always drop a screen shot into this question + likely someone can let you know the type of window manager you're using.
Software Engineer
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On the windowing systems there are many... Most common probably is Gnome, another few biggies: KDE, fvwm, lwm
Classic ones: twm, motif

Those systems may have their own X-term alike program. KDE has Konsole.


Thank you!

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