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Does Java have a support lifecycle in the same way that Microsoft apps like Windows do? And how regularly do they issue security updates for Java, e.g. monthly? We have got to do some reporting on unsupported software and we dont have an automated scanner to do it so its becoming somewhat of a manual reports albeit not over that many systems. I am trying to find some accurate on data though on which to determine 'is it supported or not'.

Also we found a powershell command to enumerate versions, do you feel this would be accurate?

Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Product -Filter "Name like 'Java(TM)%'" | Select -Expand Version
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Java does have support lifecycle the way you describe it, but it depends on the version of java you're using. Older versions are not supported anymore. If you have a Java version less than 1.7 then you're out of luck (it is not supported any more). If you have Java 1.7 then the extended support lasts till July 2022.  If you have any Java version above 1.7 then you're OK for now.

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