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Callin DLL in Project B from Project A

C# Project A is calling a DLL in Project B. Project B has Nuget package installed for OracleManagedDataAccess. All in does is make the oracle connection to database. Project A does the select command and puts the data in the grid. Will this work? and does Project A need the Nuget package for OracleManagedDataAccess installed as well?
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Yes. Because you are running select commands from Project A, you will have to add references. If you move all the data access to Project B and simply call those functions, you will not need explicit references in Project A.
As Chinmay wrote: It will work.

But: A single library just for making a connection? This sounds not very reasonable.
If your Project B can be seen as a repository that will abstract the data access details, it makes sense to have this design. If not, maybe you can provide more details about your architecture in order to be able to help.
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I have a whole bunch of applications that will be calling the Project B DLL. I has a bunch of functions already there, not just the database connection
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Thank you all!