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We have implemented CRM application( web based ).  our customer will login to this and this application for reports and analytics. our customer is in a different country hence they want the news/update on certain products that is in our country, they have asked to provide the solution for them. Our CRM developer says he can integrate certain news channels so that customer can login to CRM and see the news updates, As an IT security point of view I have asked which all websites but he is not sure at the moment which all websites will have to integrate ,
1.      I have informed them we may have to look for different solution instead of CRM application for this until technical approach or detailed tech specs are shared with me. However would like understand is it a right way, is the CRM application using for this is it as right tool
2.       instead should we have to develop a portal and store all the details and share the portal to them.
3.      As CRM has sensitive data integration with new sites will it be recommended , when it comes to integration please suggest the measures to be taken
4.      What solution we need to go for news capturing and store it and share it with customer please suggest .
please help with above , thanks in adance.
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thanks for the update,1 )  if it is feeds then is it possible to get the news updates of particular product for example " all news of apple products" and be available in the dashlet , similarly multiple products, please suggest.

2) if not above then if the developer suggests to integrate with news websites then what security measures to be taken care and it is recommend way or instead build separate CMS and capture details here .
please help on above 1 and 2
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You just have to adjust your feed. Whatever the feed is for is what is going to show. This is just for the view.

You can also create your own feed that sucks in other feeds, create a filter and output what you want as a new feed then use the new feed for your suguar crm application.

I don't believe people want to go multiple places, if that was the case, they can just go to the different sources on their own. I would stick to what is offered and you have to assume that there are more resources by the sugurcrm developers than you may have and trying to circumvent anything already built in may be more dangerous.

You also have to trust the feed you are presenting. Keep in mind you are only presenting a view and it is not likely that anything can harm  your own system and more likely to harm users most likely through links. This is where my first option of creating your own feed from current feeds may be an extra step where you can remove things like links. However, if you use a reputable source such as apple, I would leave it as is.

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