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Gloria Burt
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We have a POS system that is running over RDS.  We want to run USB cameras or any cameras on the stations and are struggling to get the redirection to work.  Some very knowledgeable guys say we will never get it to work.  There are some third party products out there that you can add on and we may have to do this if that is the only way. The data base is sql if that matters.
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These guys m/f are probably right.

My take would be to establish a VPN connection between the hosting server and your location(s), and then use IP-connected cameras.
Of course, if the hosting server is on the same location as the cameras to use, no VPN is needed; it is simply to plug the cameras to the LAN.
Tony JohncockLead Technical Architect

Please help us to help you.

What version of OS / RDS are you using?

What OS are your users connecting to RDS from?

What make / model are the USB cameras?

Have you confirmed that the cameras work in the computer they are plugged into?

What steps have you actually tried to do to date? USB redirection etc?

What is the connection between SQL, the POS software and the cameras?

Have you tried going to say a website from on the actual computer the camera is connected to and on RDS?

An example is here: https://www.onlinemictest.com/webcam-test/

Are the cameras even detected properly in the first place? Again, see the URL above, or use one like it.

Do you have USB/Image Capture Device redirection ticked in the RDS client?

Your "question", as phrased is like saying "I took my car to a mechanic because it was broken. He says it will never be fixable. Help"...see the problem? There just isn't enough information to help even begin to formulate an answer.
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage
Fabulatech USB over Network is the way to get that working.

Is there more than one session host?

If not, then the session host is where the server component will go and the user endpoints will be where the client component will go.

We have plenty of Hyper-V hosted setups that we use this for. It should work fine for this scenario too.
Gloria BurtPresident


We are going to use Fabulatech.  thanks

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