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Modify script to use Office365 and port 587

I would like to change this script so that uses the smtp server:
Port 587
Encryption TLS
Password: xxxx

      # Invokes the Send-MailMessage function to send notification email
      $splat = @{
            From =                  ''
            To =                  Get-Content -Path ( Join-Path $PSScriptRoot 'DistributionList.txt')
            SmtpServer =      ''
            Subject =            $subject
            body =                  $MessageBody
            BodyAsHtml =      $true
            Attachment =      ( Join-Path $PSScriptRoot 'abc.pdf' )
      Send-MailMessage @splat
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This should do it :

# Invokes the Send-MailMessage function to send notification email
$splat = @{
    From       = ''
    To         = Get-Content -Path ( Join-Path $PSScriptRoot 'DistributionList.txt')
    SmtpServer = ''
    Subject    = $subject
    body       = $MessageBody
    BodyAsHtml = $true
    Attachment = ( Join-Path $PSScriptRoot 'abc.pdf' )
    Port       = "587"
Send-MailMessage @splat -usessl -Credential $(Get-Credential)

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Can the credential be embedded in the script?
@Tek Info,

oBdA's script has the credential embedded.
Really it is the only difference from mine..
Not quite, -UseSsl is missing in yours as well ;)
Send-MailMessage @splat -usessl -Credential $(Get-Credential)

I added it to the command string rather than to the @splat
True dat.

Touche, I did miss one item however :)

Didn't change the smtpserver  **Face to Palm**
SmtpServer =      ''
Thanks @oBdA however the script produces an error message.

Send-MailMessage :  Transaction Failed.  The server response was:  5.2.0
STOREDRV.Submission.Exception: SendAsDeniedException.  MapiExceptionSendAsDenied:  Failed to process message due to a
permanent exception with message.  Cannot sumit message.....

+CategoryInfo             :InvalidOperation:  (System.Net.Mail. SmtpClient:  StmtpClient) [Send-MailMessage], SmtpException
+FullyQualifiedErrorId: SmtpException, Microsfoft.Powershell.Commands.Send Message
From =                  ''

to a valid e-mail address associated with the account you are attempting to authenticate through...

I would be willing to bet is on a domain you do not own.
This was changed already to a valid email, and it still does not work.
Is the From address the same as the one you used in the credential object? If not, the account used for the credentials must be allowed to send as the From user.