Use PIP in Python installed on Windows.

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Use PIP in Python installed on Windows.

I have python 3.8 installed , I would like to install PIP.
Any help on how to get it installed? does it require download ? if so then from where?

Thank you
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Normally it should be already installed...if you have checked the last checkbox to include the Python path to system variable normally you should simply open a command prompt and type "pip" or "pip3"
Type pip3 --version to get version installed
If you forgot to check the include then you should go to Windows and add the Python path as System Variable
For python3.72 the paths are :


Open in new window


Reinstalled Python and check the box for Variable Path
It worked .
Thank you
A side note. There is no need set Windows variables. You can use the Python launcher for Windows that is the part of the standard distribution. Then you launch your scripts through "py", or you use #!python in the script.

On the other hand, the pip.exe is used only occasionally and you can launch it being at its directory.

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