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Simon Leung
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Is it possible to load the image files in my image folder and create a multiple items carousels with jquery or bootstrap ? Any example or reference,

Is there any recommended image size or ratio for the image showing as the banner of the webpage ?

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I do prefer to code image link manually to control the result, as someone may put an image into the directory by mistake and i don't want this to appear online ;)

There is one old script that can do that so you can get some code inspiration and adapt newer script

You can use PHP script with Owl or Revolution slider

Here is an example you will need to adapt with your classes
You may want to have the first image with active class depending of the scipt you use.
Some script have image QTY set so you may need to adapt that options to unlimited..

$dirname = "gallery/";
$images = glob($dirname."*.jpg");
foreach($images as $image) {
   <div class="item"><img src="<?php echo $image; ?>" /></div>

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For best responsive result  I'm using slider-revolution
with their editor to get best responive result and save a lot of time

or free option OWL Carousel 2

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