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I have a two part Boolean based filter that I need to apply.  Seemingly I have run every combination except for one. The 'one' part is where I need help! I've included one version of what I've tried bellow to give the idea of what I need to do.

Email: a field from a bound table
POC_email: a field from a bound table a text box that the user enter their needed terms (e.g. 'Edward')

The concept is that I would like to return all record where the field data includes the search term indicated in 'companysearch.text'

Sample non working code:
Master_ContactsBindingSource.Filter = "email like '" & CompanySearch.Text & "*'" Or "POC_email like '" & CompanySearch.Text & "*'"
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Maybe try with a valid SQL-esqe clause:

Master_ContactsBindingSource.Filter = "email like '" & CompanySearch.Text & "*' Or POC_email like '" & CompanySearch.Text & "*'"



SQL-esqe is good! I appreciate the straightforward answer .

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