how can I locate a list of local merchants at which offer discounts to staff and faculty of Middle Tennessee State University?

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Hello and Good Morning Everyone,

        I am wondering where I can check at Middle Tennessee State University's website of to locate local merchants which offer discounts for MTSU staff and faculty.  It is my understanding there is a list provided within this site, but, I am unable to locate or find it.  That said, if someone could locate the page and provide the link, it will be greatly appreciated.

        Thank you.

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Some seem to be mentioned in links off this page...  I don't see a more comprehensive single list anyplace, your best bet is probably to reach out to the HR department and ask them.

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The student union should also maintain a list.


Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

            I reached out to the HR Department of MTSU at their main number of 615-898-2929.   Unfortunately, the information regarding a list of local merchants who honor discounts for full-time MTSU staff and faculty is no longer available but should become available again early in 2020.  The lady I talked to indicated that many local merchants were constantly changing their minds about offering the discounts, thus, making it nearly impossible to keep it accurately updated on their main site of  That said, I guess the best thing to do is to simply ask when going into any retail outlet or restaurant.  

            Thanks again everyone for taking the time to offer suggestions to my question.  


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