Would I use the same IP scope on additional router ports?

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I have a user of an 8 port managed router.  I got two of the ports up and running.   Now the user wants the other 6 ports up and running.   They seem to want to just want to use the ports to add to their network.   When I go to "light the ports up", I take it I will turn them on and just use the same scope of IP addresses, Correct?  It is a Ubiquiti router.
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I'm not all that familiar with Ubiquiti routers but typically you can't assign multiple interfaces with the same subnet. In Watchguard routers you would bridge the interfaces together, or in Sonicwall they have a wizard that allows you to group interfaces together on the same subnet.

Essentially you're trying to get the router to act like a switch across those ports.

This (https://help.ubnt.com/hc/en-us/articles/217990978-EdgeRouter-Configure-an-EdgeRouter-as-a-Layer-2-Switch) article seems to explain it. Essentially you have to create a switch with the switch wizard in the router and then associate the interfaces in question with that switch.
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If I understood correctly...Capture.JPG
Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to use either suggestion since the owner bought a new router similar to the one that fried.   All ports worked the way he wanted as soon as it was plugged in.   Thanks'For your help.

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