How to correctly share folders through O365 sharepoint

Andrew N. Kowtalo
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One of our clients does not have a domain.  They are all workgroup machines off a local lan.   Currently all their file shares are shared out from O365's sharepoint.   Can someone tell me how to map folders from O365 to the local windows profile a user is working off of?   Also One Drive is setup and there are some files that were shared from one user to this local profile's One drive however the shared files cannot be seen.  

We have a user who is trying to open these files directly through Quickbooks and other applications but I am unsure how to point local apps to the sharepoint.  Is there a way to map them locally like a google drive?
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Sharepoint maps to One drive.   I signed the user out of one drive totally and removed and shortcuts file explorer made.

Signed back into share point click the folder I wanted then clicked sync within that folder.

Sharepoint creates a new local share like google backup and sync and I added the email associated to that folder

Put in the password and now the user has a working one drive synced to the sharepoint folders.

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