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My command buttons stopped working in excel? I know this use to be a problem. Has it been cleared up?
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Can you attach a sample workbook?
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If you quit Excel and then reopen your workbook, do the command buttons now work? If so, you may have inadvertently disabled events to cause the problem.

If your code includes a statement in your code like Application.EnableEvents = False, the command buttons will become disabled. A statement like this is frequently added to code to stop other event subs from running (like Worksheet_Change) while the macro is doing something. If the macro finishes its job normally, it will execute a statement re-enabling command buttons like Application.EnableEvents = True. The problem arises if a run time error causes the macro to stop executing before it re-enables events.

To re-enable events, in the Immediate WIndow in the VBA Editor, type the following statement and hit Enter:
Application.EnableEvents = True


Here goes...


"Application.EnableEvents = True " Did not help.

I am going to see if it is my new docking station. I read elsewhere that does the trick.
Okay, No problem now. I shut down and then restarted with just the laptop. Everything is working now. I think I know the problem. The government sometimes has perfect security - meaning you can't do anything. They do not let us update our drivers. I know the current drivers that power the multi displays our like 8 generations behind the current Intel drivers. I wrote a letter of complaint that maintenance of drivers is a basic maintenance chore for users. I will probably get burned for doing that because they like to use one image when they upgrade your laptop. Oh well, I still love my jobs. Hey thanks, for the quick responses.

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