Command line for knowing the version of PhpmyAdmin

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What command can i use from mac terminal to determine the version of phpMYAdmin running on an IP address
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Phpmyadmin is a web interface to manage SQL.
It is part of the php pages ...


Any curl command i can type to get the information?

The third line in the root of the folder, Changelog, will show you the version number (Unless something is really F$(#ked up, this should be correct):

phpMyAdmin - ChangeLog

4.9.1 (2019-09-20)

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package.json as well as README also contain the version number in the first few lines.

It will depend on the config of the webserver, if it will give you this info though.

Processing the main login page, usually doesn't have the version number due to security reasons.

In some cases, the version is still available here /doc/html/index.html (it's in this line:     <link rel="top" title="phpMyAdmin 4.9.1 documentation" href="#" />)
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You'll either look at your package manager info or look at the actual phpMyAdmin files.

For example...

net16 # git clone

net16 # cd phpmyadmin

net16 # grep version package.json 
  "version": "5.1.0-dev",

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So if you're running various versions... installed in various ways, say with a package manager + from source...

Just grep out the version from the package.json file.

Note: Where this file lives, will depend on your Distro (package manager) or how you installed from source (your specific steps).

@Cyber Ninja, did you want the solution for a local install, or remote install? If remote, you marked the wrong answer.
Saying "determine the version of phpMYAdmin running on an IP address" makes you think you need it for a remote install.


@kimputer i like to try it on a remote install also; please how do i do it?

It's already explained in my post.
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About remote installs.

Rarely will you be able to probe a remote install to return phpMyAdmin version, unless you add some header to your Apache config to specifically expose this data.

The reason this should be avoided... phpMyAdmin is complex software allowing full access to all databases... If a hack becomes know for a specific version + you expose your version + your version matches the hack, this makes the job of hackers stealing your data very easy.

Best to only check phpMyAdmin versions using local commands, usually through an ssh command, rather than exposing your phpMyAdmin version through an Apache header.

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