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Jonathan Duane
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Hi Guys,

On my site i want to add 3 more columns to the row where it has the 3 images Public Relations, Event Management and Marketing, also i was wondering is there a way i could expand and collapse with a button that says read more?
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For the first part of your question, notice each image contains a div with class "col-md-4 col-sm-6".  This is using bootstrap's css.  It is saying for medium or large screens, each square should be 1/3 of the page (4 out of 12 columns). On a small screen each square should be half the width of the screen (6 out of 12 columns).

If you add more div's to the row and you want the row to contain more columns, then add more div's inside of the row. However, you are going to need to change the class to "col-md-2 col-sm-6".  That will make the div smaller and allow  6 columns without stacking. Once the screen gets smaller they will stack 2 accross.

At least that is how to do it by hand. You are using the porto theme and the theme may already have the option for you to add columns. Look at the documentation there first. Those box's may be part of a widget and just adding more widgets could do the trick.

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