Rewriting Text File by rearranging headings

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I would like some help to rewrite a text file based on two entries..


Heading 1, Heading 2
Liverpool Men, Liverpool Ladies
Everton Men, Everton Ladies
Arsenal Men, Arsenal Ladies

So I would like the text file to be rearranged by moving the headings..

New Text File

Heading 2,  Heading 1
Liverpool Ladies, Liverpool Men
Everton Ladies, Everton Men
Arsenal Ladies, Arsenal Men

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I removed the extraneous space that's usually not present in a .CSV, but if you want to add it in you can simple change the -join string to ", ".
Get-Content somefile.txt | ForEach-Object `
    (($_ -split ",").Trim())[1,0] -join ","
} | Out-File anotherfile.txt

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