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Xlsx files no longer print in sequential order

Wilf used Ask the Experts™
The process is that one department creates serialized invoices in Excel  and saves them to a USB drive.  The next department takes the USB drive, highlights the invoices, right clicks and chooses print.  When the invoices were created on the computer running Windows 7 Pro and Office 2010, the files would be printed in sequence based on the file name.  Both computers were running Windows 7 Pro and Office 2010.

Both computers were upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, and Office 365.

Now when the same process is used, the invoices are no longer printed in sequence.  There does not seem to be any rhyme nor reason to the order they are printed in.
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NoahHardware Tester and Debugger

Hi there! :)

On the computer you want to print the items, try running this on Powershell. You will need to replace the C desktop location with your USB location.

$FilesToPrint = Get-ChildItem "C:\users\test\desktop\test docs" -Recurse -Include *.xlxs

foreach($File in $FilesToPrint)
Start-Process -FilePath $File.FullName -Verb Print -PassThru | %{ sleep 10;$_ } | kill

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Will try in two days


I think the script improved items, but I ran a quick test on the first four items, and it did 18 19 21 and then 20.  

This is better than before, and it would appear that it is giving the value 0 the highest rating [>1]
Hardware Tester and Debugger
Hi there! :)

In that case, please try out this software.

Reference: https://www.print-conductor.com/

Here is an example video. You can sort the files in the order you want and print them after importing the folder.

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8jJ5B_2F6o&feature=youtu.be


Thanks for your patience.  The first answer was helpful, but the program will probably make most sense
NoahHardware Tester and Debugger

You're welcome! Glad I was of help :)