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Update windows 10 1809 to 1909

I am trying to upgrade Windows 10 1809 computers to 1909.  I will list the methods  used, but I always get the attached error.

First try was to check for updates to make sure that 1809 was up to date, and it is
Second - downloaded the creation tool for 1903.  The computer is connected to a Windows 2016 server and the user has administrator authority
The error appeared during the setup
Third, ran the three DSM health commands no errors indicated
Fourth Did clean boot with same results
Fifth Used a DVD with 1903 installed on it to do an in place install.  Same results
Sixth ran the update trouble shooter could not find a problem
Seventh Logged in as local user and tried 1903 from the DVD
Eighth - Used a DVD with 1909 on it and tried the in place install with the same results.

 I would like to avoid doing a clean install and setting up the 10 computers on the network again

There are 15 computers on the network, and one of them did go from 1809 to 1909 using the in place method
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Remove any and all removable media (USB drives, SD cards, etc.). There is a known block to orevend removable drive corruption during upgrades.  At first glance that looks like what you are hitting.
What is the environment made of?
From the same source you got version 1909, get the update assistant to confirm you do not have a device that might be ..

If you are in an AD environment, test the following
Create a new local account on a test system.
Logoff, login with the local account.
Disjoin from the domain, rejoining the workgroup
Reboot, login, try the inplace upgrade.
See what happens.

If completes, rejoin domain.
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There are no usb or card readers on this machine.  I used the DVD instead of a usb for that reason

Will try the new user as soon as I can get back on the machine
New user, disjoining domain is only needed if computer member of AD domain.

Check whether there is done software deployed on others not deployed on the one.

Checkhealth, clean....
why not using the windows update/ to upgrade from 1809 to 1909?
try using WSUS offline and only check windows 10, to download its latest updates.
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Same results with new user and disjoined from the domain.  I have had the same results when just doing the download from Microsoft to the computer.  I will try once more to run the DSM commands.  Same results the last time I ran them.
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Scanned through the link Kenfcamp provided. is the current version up to date with updates? Do you check/allow the install to check for updates? if so, do not allow check for updates.

Get the update assistant:

dism /online /cleanup-image

Are these system upgraded from 7/8/8.1
make model of workstation?
Available disk space?
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880GB free of 930 GB
the computers are 3 years old and came with windows 10 installed
They are custom built work stations with Asus mother boards, intel i7 6700 CPU8 gigs ram
will re run the dism options  error 87
log file attached
You do not seem to be providing one of the three additional parameter to /cleanup-image included in my post.

all three are the parameter as to what you want the /cleanup-image to do.
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it fails on checkhealth.  I had been running these as separate commands
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last post should be fails on cleanup-image
you need need to run
dism /online /cleanup-image /checkheatlh
dism /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth
dism /online /cleanup-image /restoreheatlh

as the complete command.
error 87 means the dism command was not complete.
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Got it.  Here is the log, if that would be helpful
I did not need the log unless the output from the command indicated an error that interferred with things.
run sfc /scannow
the other option is to go through dism offline and repair clear the windows OS image.

There is something on the system but it is not clear. earlier events included references and errors with oemx.inf file .
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I ran sfc/scannow, and it found errors.   It was on an AD, so now logged in as new user as suggested,  and trying the re install without checking for updates.   Will post as soon as its finished.   One other station installed ok with local user.  Windows is allowed to do updates and I scan for updates prior to installing 1909
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Thank you everyone for taking time to comment.  The items from Arnold did show some errors, but it was the multiple ID issue that once completed, allowed the updates to work as they should.  They even updated without disjointing the domain or logging in as single user.

Thank you all again