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vbox client not strating

vboxclient not starting in my ubuntu
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 as per understanding some required package is missing.
please run the following command for required package to be installed.

sudo apt install linux-headers-$(uname -r) build-essential dkms

after package has been installed, please reboot the system and then load additional package / installation tools from guest image/ cd/media.

I can see your Vbox has been started already.
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You need the guest tooling installed in the guest for seamless integration. (The Guest can work without it, it helps when using the mouse & keyboard a lot and your want the guest to behave like a regular client. (otherwise remember to use the right control key to release keyboard & mouse  from the guest window)
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am still not able to increase resolution
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am geting this
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it is   xrandr -s 1600x1200   (using x) not xrandr -s 1600*1200 (using asterisk).
Strange... one time you copy stuff verbatim... other times you interpret freely... difficult to anticipate....

With x it tries to match the string with one of the  allowed modes. if matching fails it interprets the numeric value of the string is 1600 (leading numeric part)...
Just running xrandr will give allowed settings.
index 0 is the first entry of the list of values, 1 the 2nd....
so xrandr -s 0 would select the first element of the list.
so i must type this  xrandr -s 1600x1200 everytime i start the vm
Or put it in the login script ~/.profile