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Recovery services vault

Hi there,

is there any way we can change recovery service vault assigned to a virtual machine?

I have one recovery service vault called ABC and i have assigned it to 2 virtual machines by mistake.

I want to change first virtual machine to point to XYZ recovery service vault and the second virtual machine stays using ABC recovery service vault.

I dont see anywhere i can update it.

Thank you

Kind Regards,
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 as per understanding, you need to delete one VM backup data and assign another ( exact) back up data to that particular VM.

for this,  one option is enabled if you had chosen to Stop protection and retain backup data option during stop VM protection.

there are two ways to delete a VM's backup data.

From the vault item dashboard, select Stop backup and follow the instructions carefully. and from the vault item dashboard, select Delete backup data.

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I have done it deleted it, but still no option to resetup backup to point to different recovery vault
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