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What are the minimum requirements to legitimately allow multiple non-admin users to RDP into and use a Windows machine?

Currently a base install of Windows Server 2019 (on AWS) allows two admin users to connect to it via RDP to administer the machine.

What is the minimum (in terms of machines and MS software) required to legitimately enable 3 or more non-admin users to RDP into and run applications on the machine?  I'm guessing it needs a minimum of a licence server with CALs, and the licence server probably needs to be on a domain.

It would be really good if I could avoid the hassle of setting up a domain controller etc. The machine doesn't need to use the bloat of RDS unless its required by the licensing mechanism.
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I understand that.

I'm trying to find out the minimum I can get away with though.  To apply the RDS role, the machine needs to be connected to a domain controller, and in order to accept non-admin users it also needs a licence server.  It's not clear how much of this can be handled on the same machine.

It may be that that setting this up is too complex and I could be better off using Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure instead, but I'd like to see what's involved so that I can make an informed decision about it.
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Thanks Lee, that was the depth of information I was looking for. It sounds like you *can* run it all from one machine, but that's likely to lead to headaches down the road, so a two machine system is the minimum sensible option.