Table Based Template for Word - Narrow Without Losing Repeating Header Cell

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Got GREAT help with a template recently.  Need to make the width a bit smaller.  Each time I try to resize the pages to 6.5 the repeating table header gets removed.

What do you think I'm doing wrong?

Many thanks,

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your document is 8" wide...

when you resize to 6.5", the footer in Section 2 and a new table is now on 2 lines (as compared to 1 line in the original). this may by causing your problem


Thank you! :)))))))))))))))))))))))!
To change the page width, open Page Setup (double-click in vertical ruler, or click the tiny arrow in the lower right of the Page Setup group in the Layout ribbon). Then in the Paper tab, change the width from 8" to 6.5".

The tables are already set to "Preferred width = 100%" (Table Properties dialog, Table tab), so they will adjust automatically for the new width.

Paul Sauvé is right about noting the spill-over footer in section 2, but there really isn't anything to "fix" there. The spill-over is caused because that particular footer ends up being too long to fit due to the automatic inclusion of content from the field codes. This was just to illustrate the field code options in the example I'd made for you, and I doubt if your application actually needs the footers as I'd set them up. I suggest you just modify the footer content so it contains what you need.

In the revised version I've attached here, you'll see that all footers now use the same footer that will display "Heading 2 content — Card #". If you use Alt-F9 to toggle the field code view, you'll see how they work to pull the Heading 2 content each time. I've left the style formatting for you to fix (see below).

If you keep the section 1 in the example you've posted, be sure to change the footer in it too; any new section after #2 will automatically inherit the same footer as section 2, so you won't need to do anything. My example (original and in the attached) uses the StyleRef field code to pull the section title in automatically, and will work as long as you tag the section title with the Heading 2 style. (That is the blue title in the first row of each new table in the sample document.)

Fyi, the footers currently use the Footer style, but I'd applied direct formatting to set them aligned right. A long footer (like the one in Section 2), won't fit so it will naturally spill over onto a 2nd line.

To manage the formatting for all footers, modify the Footer style (Alt-Ctrl-Shift-S brings up the Styles dialog; hover over the right side of the "Footer" style in the list and use the pull-down to select "Modify...". By default, the style has lines set left, with a centered tab set at 3.25" and a right tab at 6.5". If you don't need tabs, remove them (in the Modify dialog, choose Format > Tabs... and click "Clear All"; or adjust as needed. If you want the page numbers to be set right, you could set right-alignment in the style rather than depend on the direct formatting used now.

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