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Acrobat Reader won't open PDF files

I have 2 windows 10 systems where Acrobat reader has been set to ALWAYS be the default application for PDF files.  It will open 2-5 PDF files and then stop opening PDF files at all until a system restart is conducted.  Acrobat Reader tasks persist in task manager and ending them does not improve the situation.  I could really use some help.  I have tried the adobe Acrobat uninstaller and re-installer.  No joy.  No other google remedies seem to preseent themselves.
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I am having the same problem with acrobat reader since I installed one of Win10 updates. It hangs but if I wait enough it opens the document. Have you checked in Even logs if there is any error referring to Reader or PDF?
How I fixed this problem: I installed another PDF viewer and used Open With option from right click and then set checkbox - always use this program to open PDF files.
After that used again the same right click - open with and selected Adobe Reader DC as default program to open PDF files. And the problem is gone.
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I had already tried this to no avail.  The default applications are set correctly for the file type.  It works dor maybe a half dozen times and then stops working.
You mean you've tried changing the association of default program and then after reinstall of Reader associated it back to Reader?
Did you check the EventLog viewer for errors?
correct.  Tried it with both Edge and Fox-it.
What about errors or warning in EventViewer? Did you look into it? When it hangs go there and check if any events are created.
It could be that the user profile is corrupted, does this happen when logged on as a different user? If it works fine when logged on as a different user, it may be a corrupt user profile.
 So once you have issues opening the pdf files, no application will open them unless you reboot?  Very strange.  this sounds like it may be a windows problem. Have you tried to run "sfc /scannow" in a command prompt to see if it fixes system files that may be corrupt.
You could try also by completely disabling firewall for 10 minutes and trying to reproduce the problem. If it works then fine then it is a problem where Adobe Reader tries to access the Cloud services of Adobe.
You have seen this post I think:
That's a good thought.  I'll try the firewall thing.  However these systems use Symantec End Point protection.

I have not tried using another profile.  I'll give that and the SFC option a try.
One other thing to note where are the pdf files located the files that cause the system to crash, are they downloaded from attachments in email, are the pdf files locally on the hard drive or are they located on the network somewhere. Are the same pdf files causing the adobe reader to crash? If so see if someone else can open the same pdf files. if it causes their adobe reader app to crash it could be that the pdf files that the user is trying to open are corrupted.
did you check the event logs, as nowcho asked?
I have not yet checked the event logs, (I am not on site and have no remote access).  It is not the same PDF file, near as I can tell it's ANY pdf file.  I will try the alternate users and check Event logs when I return to the site tomorrow.
No errors in ANY of the event logs. seems like the original fix from Noxcho is holding.
that's good news