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Allen Pitts
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Some of the columns on the List Web Part have column names like like ‘State’ and have options that are fixed
by the work flow. For instance ‘State’ can be New, Review, Authorize,
Scheduled, Implement, or Closed.

I think I have in the past the List items were created with
drop downs instead of free text so the options for
the ‘State’ Items would be one of the six listed above.

Have tried ‘Modify this View’  and
Site Contents > Change Requests > Settings
but no joy.

Is this a function List items can provide or am I just missing it?


Allen in Dallas
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What you describe is a single of text column type, but seems like what you want is a choice column with a drop down. You can't convert the text column to a choice column so you would need to create a new column, In order to create a new column, go to the settings of the list and about half way down the page you will see the option to create a new column.

Hope that helps...
Allen PittsBusiness analyst


Walter CurtisSharePoint AED
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Glad that helped...

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