How do I upgrade to Windows 10?

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I have a Dell Precision Tower 5810 running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit with a genuine Windows OEM installed.   I want to upgrade to Windows 10 Professional 64-bit.   When I bought the computer it included a Windows 10 license.   How do I go about upgrading?
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If you want to retain everything on the machine, create a Windows 10 installation disk/USB from
And run the Setup file on it from within a running Admin Windows 7 session
(or you can run the upgrade directly from the download page)

If you want a fresh install with no installed software or data simply boot from the same media instead.

In both cases, because your computer was provided by the OEM downgraded from the intended Windows 10 operating system it will have embedded in the hardware an activation key for Win 10 Pro and should activate automatically.
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Just download ISO file from MS website and run the installation from running Windows 7. It will suggest upgrade. Usually it should activate Windows 10 using your license if not then use your upgrade license.
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Make sure you have backup of data, use MASQ link to get the update assistant and let it go through upgrading your system to the current Windows 10 version.
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you can select the option during upgrade "Keep my files" if you want to keep everything
However, it is a good idea to have a fresh install - so a complete backup is needed

here a good guide :


Thanks to all.

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