How does Inline Python Variable Expansion work?

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Attached is a section from "BitBake User's Manual" that uses inline Python variable expansion to set variables.
Please explain in detail how the DATE variable is set.
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1:   the ${@......} items are from something else, nothing to do with python... (bitbake maybe..?)...

This is the python part:     time.strftime('%Y%m%d', time.gmtime())
time is a module, containing the member function  strftime.
Which expects   a format string and a date structure.

The datastructure is provided by the time module's  gmtime() function , which returns the current time as GMT timezone time.
So the time.gmtime() is called its return value and the format string are then fed to the time.strftime() function.
Which yields  in this case datestamp  of Year, Month, Date.

See also:  etc.


Thank you for detailed explanation.

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