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Grouping a set sequence of events

I'm monitoring traffic into a facility in real-time and events typically occur in a specific sequence [1-15-10-3] Please refer to insert below. My goal is to group (isolate the mentioned 4 events) so I can determine the total time each transaction took. i.e. referring to the first transaction from below, the vehicle was detected @ eventid1 ( (12:04:05am) and completed his transaction @ eventid3 (12:05:24) = 1min19seconds). There are instances where the sequence is only [1-10-3] and also as visible things can go wrong and you see a [1-1-15-10-3].

The challenge is that I have no field available that identifies a specific transaction and all I have is the expected sequencing of eventid's.  I need assistance grouping/isolation a set or completed transaction so I can do the math.

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What would you like the output to be (for the sample case provided)?
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Duration in mins and seconds (eventid 3 timestamp - evenid1 timestamp) but that is not what I'm having problems with, how do I Group/Isolate a complete transaction based on the sequence(s) mentioned ?
Still not clear. Please show an example of the output for that data set.
Below is a similar insert  as shown in my original question, I also attached the report with some data showing (2) sequence with counterid format [1-15-10-3] and [1-10-3]

User generated image101_CASHIERPERFORMANCE-REPORTR2.rpt
I was asking for output FROM the report--not input INTO the report.
What do you want the end result to look like?
DeviceNo, Timestart (this would be the counterid [1]), TimeEnd (this would be the counterid  [10]) Duration in (min,sec)
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Thank you, this is perfect.