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Murray Brown
Murray Brown used Ask the Experts™

My Access database suddenly increased from 3MB to 13MB. I stripped out half the forms and did a compact and repair but that didn't help.
Is there anything else I can do?

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DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database Architect / Application Developer
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Whereas I can see your concern, 13MB is still a pretty small Access db.

Meanwhile ... do you have a lot of data in Local tables ... ?
And note that when you delete records in a table, whereas there are no longer 'visible', they do remain in the table until a Compact & Repair is executed.

Over what period of time did this increase occur?

What else might have changed ?
Software & Systems Engineer
Well other than C& R you can't do much...there are hidden tables that hold some needed piece of info that are not cleared.
The easy thing to do to check the "actual" size of your database is to create a new database and transfer everything to it...but it will quickly climb up to the current size.
Also in C& R process is better to Decompile Access first and then perform C&R ...probably after Decompile it will get bigger but usually C&R will return it to the minimum possible size
Did you recently add images to your forms? That can cause bloating.
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As the others have said, no real concern.  The limit on an Access db is 2GB.

Mark EdwardsChief Technology Officer

If it's not a lot of new data in tables, then check your MSysResources table and see if it is storing images.
I couldn't figure out a bloat issue I had a while back and that ended up being the problem.
This table doesn't dump images if you drop 'em from the app.  You have to do it manually.
Everyone should check this table to make sure they aren't carrying a lot of excess junk.
Murray Developer


Thanks very much

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