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Passing parameter values through a URL using a query string

I am not sure how to ask this but here goes. I am trying to pass a series of parameter values from one products filtering through to anothers. From Tableau to Crystal Reports via URL query string parameters.Line one shows what works if the values are manually entered. However with Tableaus Actions feature. You can edit the URL and manually put those in. I am wondering
This query string shows all US states
1. http://localhost/Ripplestone/CRViewer.aspx?DocID=22&User=administrator&Key=c1dda10c&Params=USA,ALL

This query string produces nothing but shows the naming convention of the parameters in both the Crystal Report and Tableau.
2. http://localhost/Ripplestone/CRViewer.aspx?DocID=22&User=administrator&Key=c1dda10c&Params=<Parameters.Country>,<Parameters.Region>

I am totally clueless as to how to pass a parameter from one filtered action in Tableau through to a URL that displays an embedded Crystal Report. If I have left out key information or botched this question let me know. Thank you.
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Thank you Ido & Scott and I do have the syntax needed for Ripplestone:

Here is the direct quote and page from the Admin manual. My goal is to pass a parameter through from Tableau's interface to a Crystal Report through the URL either in the Action feature or other.

Calling a report from outside of Ripplestone (RS Express)
This feature, called RS Express, allows a report to be run and viewed in the report viewer without first logging into Ripplestone. This allows users of Ripplestone to run reports that are published in Ripplestone from external applications without the users first logging into Ripplestone and running the report from the Ripplestone application.
RS Express uses a query string that is appended to the URL to provide information that the viewer and report need to run. This information is normally provided by the Ripplestone application, but will now be provided using the query string
Below are instructions on how to use this feature
1. The query string can take up to 8 parameters. The first 2 are required and the others are optional. The name and description of each are listed below. Parameter name Required Description
The ID of the published document. Note: The report must already be published within Ripplestone.
The name of an existing user within Ripplestone. For example, Administrator
You can also use the encrypted user name described below.
This is used to pass in values for report parameters. If the report has multiple parameters each parameter is separated by a comma.
Range parameters can be passed in and are separated by a semi-colon (;). For example, if a report had two parameters, a Country parameter and a HireDate parameter and the Hire Date parameter is a range type, then the syntax would be Params=USA,4/1/2017;8/15/2017. This would pass “USA” into the Country parameter and would pass in the two dates as the start value and end value for the HireDate parameter.
A system generated key to make this report unique. This helps make the query string more secure.
This is used to pass in a file name that will be used to save a copy of the report. The Send To feature needs to be turned on in the Edit Document page to be used.
This is an ID for the Saved File Location that should be used to save the file. This is setup in the Saved File Location page and is used by the Send To feature along with the ExtFileName above. Using this will allow the report to be exported to the provided name and saved to a predefined location.
This option determines if the report should be displayed on the users screen.

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Do they provide any examples of how to pass in those parameters?
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This is what was provided:User generated image
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Fundamentally I think it was a lack of knowledge of asp.net on my part and how things work in it. The documentation did help some but was not everything needed. Your support was appreciated. 
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