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Can not open outlook with VPN

Hi All,

         I have below error after opening outlook with VPN, I have also checked the registry below, also no luck, any help would be appreciated

Open regedit and ensure that the value of the EnableActiveProbing DWORD in this key is set to 1:


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If your VPN secures all traffic meaning it sends all non-local LAN related traffic through the VPN.
Only way to determine, rum in a command window, when the VPN is active
netstat -rn

If you see vpn_ipaddress as the default gateway, this will address your issue.
Point of error, the remote side does not allow remote users to traverse their network to browse the external network/internet.
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let me remote and check the default gateway the problem computer is getting first, if really is what I can do ?
The first two items should be this means any IP the important part is the next IP address which is the Default gateway through which all non-local LAN traffic will be sent. The last number on the right is the metric/preference/priority
I you can post the text output
if you are sending all your traffic through the VPN when connected, that requires that the Entity to whom you connect via VPN allow your requests that are destined to the INternet to be allowed through. whether that is the case or the access to which outlook is trying to go is itself specialized such that its access is only permitted from your WAN IP.....

TOoo tooo too many possibilities.

get the IP you have. when you are not on a VPN and when you are on the VPN if you can get an answer to both, and they are the same IP, or each IP is different.
the public ip I get before connecting the VPN and after connected VPN are different
Please clarify what you mean.
Do you mean if you check your public iip, you get X.y.z.a while doing the same after the VPN is established, you get c.v.b.e as an example.
The answer to that is that your VPN client/policy is to secure all traffic and is controlled by the VPN administrators.

I am unclear what your intended whitelisting will or supposed to achieve.
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