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Permissions insufficient to perform this operation when attempting to deploy SSRS Shared Data Source

I'm attempting to create a couple of SSRS reports and publish them to a clients Report Server.

First I got an error:  
cannot deploy the report because the shared data source ... does not exist on the report server.

I found a reply to that which indicated that I need to deploy the shared data source before deploying the report.
I would argue that this makes no sense because that data source already appears to exist on our report server because other reports that work on that Server/database are working properly.  At any rate, I right clicked on the shared data source in question, selected deploy, and now I'm getting an error:

The permissions granted to 'client\userid' are insufficient for performing this operation.
1.  What permissions do I need to deploy this datasource?
2.  Are these windows permissions or something else?

This is all caused by my client eliminating my Citrix login and giving me a remote desktop login, I've lost some of my permissions and don't know what to tell them in order to get these permissions right.


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How do I get the Report Manager URL?  Is that in Visual Studio settings somewhere?
The "report Manager" URL is in the SSRS configuration file and if you don't have access to that someone that has RDP access to that SQL Server and can run the SSRS Configuration tool can get it for you.
By default, the URL is https://<serverName>/reports and more details are here:
Thanks for your help.

Between the link you provided in the 2nd post, and the instructions provided in the first post, I was able to resolve my issues.