Dell Inspiron desktop boot to sys diagnostics unless I choose boot options and boot to the hard drive

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I have a Dell Insiron 3650 (windows 7 pro) When I turn it on it goes to the system diagnostics Dell screen, but the screen is all scrambled.  I can't see the words.  Not sure if this is a display issue at this point.  The problem is everytime I restart the computer it goes into the diagnostics screen and not the OS.  The only way to get into the OS is to select F12 (boot options) and then choose the hard drive (Toshiba).  Then it boots.  I looked at the bios and it shows that the hard drive is the first boot option.
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Did you run the system diagnostics?
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Could be faulty RAM or just a flat CMOS battery, could also be corrupt BIOS/firmware that holds the pre-boot diagnostics. I would run Dell SupportAssist under the OS and see what that comes up with.
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if the screen is all garbled when it first boots up, then if you can tried plugging in an external monitor to this laptop  to see if the problem goes away.  when you press f12 and you choose the hard drive, does it boot all the way to windows, and is the screen still garbled?   If it boots normally, after using the f12 menu I would upgrade the laptop with the latest firmware, which can be downloaded from the Dell support website for your model of laptop.

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