should I do an image backup of computer before upgrade from win 7 pro to win 10 pro?

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Upgrading a bunch of win 7 pro machines to win 10 pro.  I was wondering if there is anything I can do prior to upgrading in the even that the install crashes.  Would a system restore point help in that situation or would I need to find an image backup software for the best solution?

Or, am I worrying too much about it and all will be fine?
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Definitely back up all the data on the machine. As for the apps, make sure you have access to installers, serial numbers, registration info, etc. Lots of people forget about this.

It would not hurt to take a full image backup of the machine in case you run into some app incompatibility. Totally up to you so long as you have room to store it.
I'm on the final leg of the same.

We opted to clone and replace the drives with new ones, then upgrade from there

Either way, don't forget to backup user files, though you can use the docks to connect the old drives externally to grab what you need as well
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I'll let you know what happened for me (several hundred upgrades 7->10 or 8.1->10)
-exactly once, the partitioning of the disk was ruined and data was not retrievable
-else, it always worked and in the rare occasions, where it did not, it rolled back to win7/8.1 without doing any harm.

Would I have backups? Anyway and always, but not especially because of the upgrade.

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